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Travelling to and from School

Our students travel to school by various means and we work closely with the Safer Travel Team to promote good behaviour and safe travel for all of our students. Our Bus Monitors benefit from free travel, whilst supporting the school in encouraging responsible travel on the buses.

Some of our students travel by family car or taxi to school and whilst we understand the necessity of this form of transport for some students, we ask that no vehicles enter the school grounds to either drop off or collect students. This allows us to maintain as safe an area as possible for pedestrians on the school site.

At Baines School we encourage healthy lifestyles and promote students walking and cycling to school where it is possible. Our premises include two high quality bike sheds for students which are locked during the school day for security purposes and covered by CCTV. We do expect that bike owners lock up their own bikes as they remain the responsibility of the owner when on site. We also encourage cyclists to wear a helmet, high visibility elements to their clothing and use lights at appropriate times during the year.

Our local community is very important to us and we expect all of our staff, students, their parents and carers to respect our neighbours, other road users and members of the general public whilst travelling to and from school.

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