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Travel & Tourism


The Travel and Tourism Industry is a fast-changing and dynamic sector of the economy. Our aim is to immerse our students in the different elements of the industry so that they are well-equipped to continue their studies at Level 3 and/or seek a future career in the industry. Along the way we will develop a range of skills and accumulate knowledge that will benefit all students in other areas of their curriculum, prepare them for the work place and have fun learning about an exciting part of our economy.

Names of staff, roles & contact details

Mrs S Mycock
Subject Leader

Mr A Mycock
Assistant Headteacher

Name of course(s) offeredExam boardLink to specNature of assessment
(Class of 2023) BTEC First

Award in Travel and Tourism
Pearsonhttps://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/btec-firsts/travel-and-tourism-2013-nqf.htmlUnit 1 is assessed by formal written external exam in January of Year 11.

All other units are portfolio based and assessed within school.
(Class of 2024) BTEC Tech

Award in Travel and Tourism
Pearsonhttps://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/btec-tech-awards/travel-and-tourism-2022.htmlThe first two units are internally assessed Pearson Set Assignments that will take place in February or Y10 and October of Year 11.
The final unit is synoptic and will be assessed via an external exam at the end of Year 11.

How and when is my child assessed?

First Award – Students will sit one exam paper in January of Year 11 that test the knowledge and skills associated with Unit 1. All other units are assessed by students providing a portfolio of evidence that addresses tasks laid out in a series of Assignments. This evidence is assessed in school and moderated by the exam board.

Tech Award – Pearson set all the assessment materials for this course. The Pearson Set Assignments are completed after a period of classroom-based learning and are extended period of assessment, usually between 12 and 14 hours in length spread over a number of days. The final synoptic assessment takes place at the end of the course and assesses a student’s ability to link different elements of the course in a 2-hour examination.

Teaching Strategies

Both courses require students to build a significant amount of knowledge over time and use a range of skills that they will become proficient in over the 2 year courses. Much of our learning takes place using IT resources, just like it would be if we were working in the travel and tourism sectors. It is vital that all students stay up to date and meet deadlines and regular contact will be used if students are at risk of falling behind. For the First Award, the content of Unit 1 will be a key focus for homework and on-going revision. The work that we complete in class will form the best revision guide for students and they should be revisiting concepts throughout the course to prepare effectively for their exam.


First Award – Some past papers and mark schemes are available here.

Tech Award – As it is a new course, there are no past assessments, however, sample assessments can be found here.

Last updated October 2022