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The Excellence Programme

All students at Baines School have a right to a challenging and appropriate curriculum, learning experience and enrichment calendar. Those students identified as able, gifted and/or talented need a specialised programme of experiences, that goes beyond the classroom and enables students every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

At Baines School, we aim to achieve this goal by delivering ‘The Excellence Programme’.


Our vision is to:

  • Inspire students through a range of experiences
  • Raise students aspirations with regards to post-16 and post-18 pathways
  • Encourage students to become determined and driven learners
  • Allow students to achieve the very best outcomes that they are capable of

How it works

Students are selected to join ‘The Excellence Programme’ through a robust and rigorous process:

  • Identifying academic potential based on prior attainment and academic targets
  • Identifying academic achievements based on AcMon Progress Reviews
  • Discovering and identifying skills and talents in certain subject areas

Upon selection and induction to the programme, students will then embark upon a series of ‘Excellence Experiences’ throughout the academic year.

Excellence Experiences

Throughout their time as members of ‘The Excellence Programme’, students will take part in a variety of ‘Excellence Experiences’:

  • Whole Cohort Experiences (e.g. guest speakers)
  • Enrichment activities (e.g. theatre trips)
  • Post-16/18 experiences (e.g. college and university visits)
  • Bespoke, subject specific opportunities (e.g. community festivals/competitions)

Student Reflections

After each ‘Excellence Experience’, students will be required to complete a short but important reflection/evaluation that encourages students to think about what they have experienced, what they have learned and how this experience might shape their goals and aspirations.

Furthermore, upon induction to ‘The Excellence Programme’, students will complete a ‘Pre-Programme Questionannaire’. This will provide students the opportunity to inform staff about aspirations, subject interests and post-16/18 thoughts and desires.


‘The Excellence Programme’ is a new development for the 2021/22 academic year, therefore there will be a gradual roll-out over the year for different year groups:

  • November 2021 – Year 10 programme launch
  • January 2022 – Year 10 Excellence Experiences commence
  • Spring 2022 – Year 8 & 9 programme launch
  • Half Term 5 2022 – Year 8 & 9 Excellence Experiences commence
  • Summer 2022 – Year 7 programme launch
  • Half Term 6 2022 – Year 7 Excellence Experiences commence

Excellence Experience Calendar

The following information provides an overview of past and upcoming events for students in The Excellence Programme:

  • Jan 2022 (Y10 Excellence Students) – Guest Speaker: Roz Bird (Silverstone Commercial Park Managing Director)
  • Feb 2022 (Y10 Excellence Students) – University of Cambridge Webinar
  • April/May 2022 (Y10 Excellence Students) – Peace and Conflict Conference @ Blackpool 6th Form
  • Wednesday 4th May 2022 (Y9 Excellence Students) – Guest Speaker: Charlie O’Brien (ex-Baines students/Cambridge University Student)
  • May/June 2022 (Y9 Excellence Students) – Oxbridge Excellence Academy @ Blackpool 6th Form
  • Tuesday 12th July 2022 (Y7/8 Excellence Students) – Guest Speaker: Charlie O’Brien (ex-Baine students/Cambridge University Student)
  • October 2022 (Y8-10 Excellence Students) – live virtual session with Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE – Exploring future study and career pathways in Fashion/Creative Industry
  • November 2022 (Y8 Excellence Students) – live virtual session with the London Jewish Museum
  • November 2022 (Y11 Excellence Students) – Guest Speaker: Rossall School discussing post-16 scholarship pathways
  • December 2022 (Y11 Excellence Students) – Manchester University visit

Progress Monitoring & Tutorials

Whilst our Excellence Experiences are hugely beneficial to the development of our Excellence students, this is only one side of the coin in terms of supporting these students.  From September 2022 onwards, we will evolve this programme so that students are monitored closely with regards to their progress and academic outcomes, and appropriate intervention and support will be put in place to ensure all Excellence students have every opportunity to succeed and progress.  This will take shape in the form of ‘Progress Tutorials’, primarily led by Mr Shillitoe.  It is through these interactions, and through working with staff across the school, that we will closely monitor students and intervene in a timely manner to ensure all students in this programme attain the best possible outcomes.


For more information about the programme and what is involved, please feel free to contact Mr Shillitoe who is our Excellence Programme Lead rsh@baines.lancs.sch.uk.


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Last updated November 2022