A level

Government & Politics

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Mr G Walker
Teacher of History and Politics

Name of course(s) offeredExam boardLink to specNature of assessment
PoliticsAQAhttp://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/politics/specifications/AQA-7152-SP-2017.PDF3 written exams 33 1/3% each.
Options studied:
1.Government and politics of the UK
2. Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics
3. Political ideas

Year 12

Term 1
The Government of The UK, including the British constitution, the role Parliament, cabinet government and the Judiciary

Term 2
The Politics of the UK, including participation, elections and referendums, the European Union, parties and pressure groups.

Term 3
Introduction to Political Ideas, Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Anarchism

Year 13

Term 1
The Government and Politics of The USA, including the constitution, Legislature, Judiciary and the electoral process.

Term 2
USA political parties, pressure groups and civil rights. Understanding comparative politics

Term 3
Review of Political ideas and revision of UK and USA government and politics.

How to support your child in Government and Politics:

It is essential that students realise that this is very much an active  subject, dependent on the  investigation  of currant   British and American politics. While much can be gained from the suggested text books, the live nature of this subject depends on reading and watching the development of politics on a weekly or even daily basis. This subject  benefits from discussion and debate. It is expected that students will evaluate political ideas, and generate their own perspectives on political issues. Support for students in this subject can therefore also be active, encouraging debate outside the classroom, and investing in relevant sources of information, such as quality newspapers.