A level

Physical Education

Names of staff, role & contact details

Mrs K Blackwell
Subject Leader

Mr D Vernon
Assistant Subject Leader

Mrs C Tyson
Head of Girls PE

Mrs D Mountain-Wood
Teacher of PE

Mr M Hartley
Teacher of PE

Mr R Flynn
Teacher of PE

Name of course(s) offeredExam boardLink to specNature of assessment
A level PEAQAhttp://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/physical-education/as-and-a-level/physical-education-7581

70% Theory
20% Practical (1 activity)
10% Observation & Analysis

Year 12

Term 1
The musculoskeletal system and analysis of movement in physical activities. The Neuromuscular system.
Pre-industrial, Industrial, Post-industrial and Post World War II to present sport and recreation.
Skill, Skill Continuums and Transfer of Skills.
Impact of Skill Classification on Structure of Practice for Learning.
Principles and Theories of Learning and Performance.
Use of Guidance and Feedback.

Term 2
The Cardiovascular system, and the Respiratory system
Sociological theory applied to equal opportunities.
Aspects of Personality.
Attitudes, Arousal, Anxiety, Aggression & Motivation.

Term 3
Biomechanical principles. Diet, nutrition, and training methods in relation to maintaining physical activity and performance.
Barriers to participation in sport and physical activity.
Social Facilitation.
Group Dynamics.
Importance of Goal Setting.

Year 11

Term 1
Energy systems.
Concepts of Physical Activity and Sport.
Development of Elite performers in Sport.
Ethics in Sport.
Violence in Sport.
General Information Processing Model.
Efficiency of Information Processing.
Achievement Motivation Theory.

Term 2
Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
Drugs in Sport.
Sport and the Law.
Impact of Commercialisation.
Attribution Theory.
Self-Efficacy and Confidence.

Term 3
Biomechanical movement.
The role of technology in Sport.
Stress Management.

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Students can search different topics and test their knowledge.