Our Provision

1. Careers inspiration and support starts in Year 7 through introductory labour market information sessions in tutor time during half term 2. In January Blackpool Zoo deliver an assembly which leads into a series of project based life skills and IT sessions; allowing the students to explore the range of job roles in the Zoo and prepare a careers focused presentation for the Zoo. These are judged in school with the winning group going to the zoo to present there. National Careers Week for year 7 sees a form time focus on where students are now and on what they want to do in the future.

2. Students continue with careers education in Year 8, beginning with their LMI sessions in half term 2. In half term 4 Year 8 participate in The Real Game where, ‘students role-play as single adults in occupational roles. They see how schoolwork relates to occupational choices and therefore to lifestyle and income. Within their job-role, students have the opportunity to explore adult realities, such as budgeting (taxes, mortgage or rent, other bills and transport), work life balance, different work and family roles and career making decisions. The job profiles included in the game reflect a broad range of employment opportunities and demonstrate that not all jobs are created equally and in the real world some people are stuck in jobs they do not like. Students learn that if they plan ahead and make the most of their school years they may avoid this eventuality. By the end of the Real Game, students realise that satisfaction in work is a priority issue in life and that it is an outcome that they can achieve by making the choices that are right for them’. During National Careers week the Curriculum Leader delivers a whole assembly to the year 8 cohorts about the different post 16 routes available, giving an in depth discussion of the different courses available including an apprenticeships talk alongside form activities which investigate possible career routes and match skills and qualities to suitable occupations. Stereotyping is addressed in the curriculum area to ensure all students are aware and fully embrace the importance of equal opportunities. During half term 4 year 8 take part in an employability panel where they get the opportunity to meet and interview a panel of local employers.

3. In half term 3 Year 9 have a timetabled careers focused life skills lesson twice a fortnight where students study five topics which include; Self Awareness, Stereotyping, Opportunity Awareness, Decision Making and Transition and they have the opportunity to use the National Careers Service to investigate entry requirements for particular jobs in preparation for their option choices. In National Careers Week Year 9 students are invited to attend the school’s annual Careers Speed Network Convention, where they have the opportunity to fully engage with the colleges and employers who attend. Year 9 also receive an employability skills workshop with the schools Enterprise Link. There is a well-planned options process planned, to help students make informed choices which includes an assembly delivered by Blackpool Sixth Form and both Blackpool Sixth Form and Blackpool and Fylde College attend Options Evening to support students and their parents and carers.

4. During Year 10 students are invited to the Speed Network Careers Convention which gives advice and guidance on post 16 & post 18 opportunities in the summer term. Students take part in an employability day consisting of sessions focusing on employability skills and they have the opportunity to attend a taster day at Blackpool Sixth Form.

5. Year 11 have a planned Careers Inspiration Programme that is completed throughout the year. It involves a variety of impartial experiences and workshops with employers and providers giving inspiration and guidance in a range of industry sectors and includes;

  • Assemblies delivered by Blackpool and Fylde College and Blackpool Sixth Form
  • Post 16 Choices Evening attended by Blackpool Sixth Form, Blackpool and Fylde College, Leeds University, Lancaster University, Uclan, a selection of local Apprenticeship providers. There is also a workshop delivered to parents regarding Apprenticeship opportunities and information as to where additional guidance can be received, this is delivered by ASK.
  • SLT focused one to one interviews
  • workplace experiences at Vitrex, Dudley Industries and The Virtual Hospital
  • Interview skills/CVs assemblies delivered by The Department for Work and Pensions,
  • Mock interviews with local Employers – together with a personal debrief session giving students far more confidence during interviews, as well as providing impartial inspiration.
  • Life Skills career planning and options sessions delivered by Blackpool Sixth Form and Blackpool and Fylde College
  • Enrichment visits to Blackpool and Fylde College and Myerscough.

Year 11 also take part in a Speed Networking Careers Convention. This gives students the opportunity to seek impartial guidance and advice from over 50 professionals and organisations, in order to help with their post 16 options and decisions.

The in-house Life Skills and pastoral support program includes support in; investigating post 16 options, letters of application, CV’s, application forms and interview techniques. Students are regularly given open day information during assembly and form time and students receive at least three careers assemblies throughout the year giving information on how to utilise the careers opportunities organised within school.