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Off site Provision

The school recognises that there is a need to ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible, providing opportunities for all students to succeed. Moreover, we recognise the need to offer the type of provision that allows some students to achieve their potential outside of what is accessible at Baines School.

To facilitate this individual learning pathway, Baines School works with different local providers to help students who have struggled to reach their potential in a school based environment to succeed.

Objectives of this Policy

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To outline the reasons why students might be offered alternative provision.
  • To ensure that alternative provision is offered to suitable students in a consistent way.
  • To provide guidance on the referral process and the suitability of alternative providers.
  • To ensure there are suitable procedures in place relating to attendance and the safeguarding of students when under the care of alternative providers.
  • To outline the arrangements in place for keeping in touch with students to monitor academic progress, behaviour and pastoral welfare.
  • To guide and support staff with the monitoring and support of alternative provision.