Names of staff, role & contact details

Mr J McCombe
Subject Leader

Mr C Sharpe
Senior Assistant Subject Leader

Mr D Harte
Assistant Subject Leader

Mr R Houghton
Maths Teacher

Mrs N McCombe
Maths Teacher

Mr A Metcalfe
Maths Teacher

Miss E Pass
Maths Teacher

Mr M Thomas
Maths Teacher

Image module
Name of course(s) offeredExam boardLink to specNature of assessment
GCSE MathematicsAQAhttp://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/mathematics/gcse/mathematics-8300100% External Exam
Level 2 Further Maths
(Selected students)
AQAhttp://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/mathematics/aqa-certificate/further-mathematics-8360100% External Exam
Entry Level Certificate MathsAQAhttp://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/mathematics/elc8 assignments completed in class

Year 10

Term 1

Number skills, Algebraic manipulation, Averages, Frequency tables, BIDMAS, HCF, LCM, Indices, Standard form, Perimeter, Area, Proportion, Ratio, Sequences, Graphs, Probability, Bounds, Recurring decimals, Quadratics, Cumulative frequency, Histograms, Surds, Arcs and Sectors, Circle theorems, Proof.

Term 2
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, 2D shapes, Parallel lines, Bearings, Real life graphs, Displaying data, Venn diagrams, y=mx+c, Compound measures, Surface area, Volume, Prisms, Forming equations, Simultaneous equations, Interest, Trigonometry, Congruence, Similarity, Iteration, Time series, Algebraic manipulation, Trigonometry, Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Term 3
Transformations, Tessellations, Common graphs, Inequalities, Locus, Constructions, Algebraic fractions, Quadratic inequalities, Vectors.

Year 11

Term 1
Rounding, Substitution, Indices, Angles in Polygons, Graphs, Circles and their properties, Congruence and Similarity, Sampling, Equations, Venn diagrams, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Proportion, Frequency trees, Area & Volume, Algebraic fractions, Graphs, Equation of a Circle, Transformations, Functions, Non right angled trig, Quadratic equations

Term 2
Inequalities, Solving Quadratics, Rearranging formulae, Graphs, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Trigonometry, Sampling, Displaying data, Simultaneous equations, Quadratic Inequalities, Transforming Graphs, Fractional Equations, Iteration, Simultaneous Equations (1 Linear, 1 Quadratic), Equation of a Circle

Term 3
Congruence and Similarity, Direct and Inverse proportion, Factorise and Solve Quadratics, Revision and Practice Papers.

How and when is my child assessed?

The Maths department assess pupils throughout Key Stage 4. In year 10 there are summative assessments at the end of each term, revision lists are provided and students should be in the habit of regularly reviewing all their previous work. Assessments are graded using the GCSE 1-9 system; a current grade will be given along with a projection for GCSE. In year 11 pupils will be issued with an exam paper each fortnight for completion at home. We recommend students first attempt the questions unaided, then in a different colour pen attempt the rest using notes and resources. After this the paper should be brought for marking with students identifying what they can do and what they need help with. There are full mock exams in December and again in February. Pupils use skills books and exam paper folders.

How to support your child in Maths:

www.mymaths.co.uk (The school login is baines, password brown. Each student will also be issued with their personal login)

Doing questions is vital in order to progress in Maths, the following sites have a selection of questions, solutions and video tuition clips.






The Maths clinic is after school every Thursday, pupils should bring specific questions they are stuck on and may leave once their problems are resolved.