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Religion, Ethics & Philosophy


Our intent is to provide an academic REP curriculum that enables students to have the skills and knowledge to engage in respectful dialogue about religious, philosophical and ethical issues.

Learning Journey

Names of staff, roles & contact details

Mrs S Wild
Subject Leader for REP




How and when is my child assessed?

The main focus for assessment in KS3 is the acquisition and application of knowledge. The assessment system used has 2 strands:


Has the student gained an adequate knowledge of this topic?

Assessed using multiple-choice testing.

This identifies gaps and misconceptions in knowledge. This form of assessment provides all pupils with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in REP without the constraints of having to write at length.


Assessment tasks are set to help pupils develop the writing style and critical thinking skills – feedback is given according to the Lancashire Bands.

In KS3, students will have end of unit assessments at least once a term, usually more often, where they will receive feedback according to the Lancashire Bands and how they can improve.

In KS4, students will have regular checks of understanding and knowledge, although these will be marked with a focus on extended writing and not give a grade for CORE REP.

In KS4 for GCSE RS, students are regularly assessed, including key word tests and retrieval quizzes each lesson. Exam style questions are completed at least once a fortnight, although these are not always given an exam grade, but will always have feedback on how to improve. End of unit exams and whole school exams will be given a grade and feedback on how to improve.

We would encourage you to consider and respond to questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life, questions of morality and identity in our multifaith and multicultural society. REP lessons at Baines School will provide plenty of opportunity for this type of dialogue and reflection, and will allow your child to explore their own beliefs and opinions. The most important thing we would invite you to consider is to keep an open mind on the subject of religion and its impact on life.


For homework and research tasks:

Baines School ILC has a wealth of resources.

Last updated March 2023