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Geography means to write about Earth. At Baines we strive to ensure that Geography provides our students with a deep and rich understanding of the world in which they live.

The Geography curriculum at Baines will build knowledge through skills skills. We do not teach to the test, we teach to build knowledge and cultural capital. Consequently, the KS3 curriculum explores a wider variety of key processes and concepts than is required for KS4. This knowledge will compliment and consolidate key processes and concepts explored in KS4, in addition to increasing cultural capital.

As a department our primary intent is to ensure students are able to interpret and understand the world around them, including the processes that mean the Earth is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. We want them to have passion for the world around them, an ability to “see” Geography everywhere they go and appreciate the awe and wonder of our wonderful planet.

Names of staff, roles and contact details

Mrs S Mycock
Subject Leader for Geography

Mrs S Petricco
Teacher of Geography & History

Mr D Watters
Teacher of Geography

Mr A Mycock
Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Geography

Year 7Unit 1: What is a geographer?Unit 2: How do we use our planet as a natural resource?Unit 3: What is an economy?Unit 4: What is weather and climate?Unit 5: Is the geography a curse or benefit?School-based fieldwork unit
Aware that Geography all around usIrish SeaBlackpool tourism industry‘Why does it always rain in the North West?’Tourism in Blackpool and The Lake DistrictMicro climate study in the school ground – micro scale Geography
Year 8Unit 6: Why are rivers important?Unit 7: What is development?Unit 8: One planet, many people: How are populations changing?Unit 8: One planet, many people: How are populations changing?Unit 9: What happens where the land meets the sea?Unit 10: How is Asia being transformed?
Focus on populationFocus on migration, settlement and urbanisation
Expand to include other case studies
River WyreDavid Attenborough ‘father of modern Geography’Where do people we know come from? Why? Who do we know who has migrated?Coastal defences in Blackpool.
Plastics on our beachesThe North West coastline
Year 9Unit 11: Will we ever know enough about earthquakes and volcanoes to live safely?Unit 12: What are the opportunities and challenges facing Africa?Unit 13: How does ice change the world?School-based FieldworkUnit 14: Why is the Middle East an important world region?Unit 15: What is the future for the planet?
Impacts of people on the landscape. Beacon Fell. Geographical skills and Data presentation focus.
Impacts of FrackingHow are we linked to African countries?How has geology shaped The Lake District?Beacon Fell a local honey potBae – connecting the worldEffects of climate change in our locality
Year 10Component 2: The Human EnvironmentComponent 1: The Physical EnvironmentComponent 2: The Human EnvironmentComponent 1: The Physical Environment
Topic 5: Global DevelopmentTopic 3: Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Management.Topic 4: Changing CitiesTopic 1: The Changing Landscapes of the UK
River Wyre field trip HT6 – planning to take place
Year 11Component 1: The Physical EnvironmentComponent 1: The Physical EnvironmentComponent 2: The Human EnvironmentRevision
Topic 1: The Changing Landscapes of the UKTopic 2: Weather Hazards and Climate ChangeTopic 6: Resource Management Option = Energy resource management
** Field trip to Preston**

Some of the content and/or sequencing in schemes of learning during the academic year 20/21 and academic year 21/22, may differ due to the extended periods of remote learning and other Covid-related disruptions to regular learning.

How and when is my child assessed?

The Geography department assess pupils in Key Stage 3 twice every half-term following the Lancashire Assessment model. Look out for the green assessment sheets in students’ exercise books. Over the course of an academic year we assess a wide range of tasks and skills culminating in an end-of-year examination. Throughout Key Stage 3 we develop and nurture the geographical skills students will need to apply in Key Stage 4.