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Healthy Living
in the Curriculum

At Baines School we have a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages the development of life skills, such as nutritional awareness, understanding of mental health and physical wellbeing. In particular:

  • Our Catering and Science curriculum include units of work on nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Our Science and Physical Education curricula teach pupils the importance of exercise in relation to physiology and physical wellbeing.
  • Our vigorous PHSE programme guides pupils through all aspects of mental, physical, and emotional health at the appropriate level for each age group. We also cover relationships and sex education with sensitivity and awareness of our pupil. Healthy living is promoted throughout our Life Skills curriculum which allows them to safely navigate their way in the world we live.
  • In Geography, pupils learn about health and social issues around the world and discuss how we can make a difference by contributing to ‘Fairtrade’ and charity projects.
  • Curriculum-based trips cover a range of health topics and teaches pupils how to stay safe in a wide range of situations.
  • Extra-curricular clubs include a wide variety of sports, such as: football, rugby, netball, cricket and rounders. There are also musical activities and many other clubs to help develop pupils as well-rounded individuals.
  • Our Life Skills projects encourage pupils to gain financial awareness, as well as an understanding of the practical elements of running a business.

School Refectory – Sample Menu

(Menus run on a three-week rota and are changed every half term)

Haddock & mozzarella fish cake, chips and peas
Cheese whirl, chips and beans
Iced sponge cake
Fish, Eggs
Gluten, Eggs
Gluten, Eggs
Lamb Balti with boiled rice
Red onion and smoked cheese flan with mash
Rice pudding with jam
Gluten, Milk and Eggs
Roast chicken dinner
Quorn Lasagne
Oat biscuit
Eggs, Gluten, Celery
Eggs, Gluten
Pork meatballs in tomato with pasta
Cauliflower, broccoli with sliced potato bake
Jam sponge with custard
Gluten, Eggs
Milk, Celery
Milk, Eggs, Gluten
Sausage with spicy wedges
Homemade pizza with wedges
Variety of biscuits
Sulphite, Milk, Gluten
Milk, Gluten
Gluten, Eggs
Available Daily
Jacket Potato with choice of 2 fillings
Pasta with mascarpone or tomato sauce
Variety of sandwiches, cold pasta pots, hot paninis/wraps
Pupils with allergens should make our Catering Manager, Mrs Wise, aware of these.

Healthy Living in Life Skill

TopicsYear 7Year 8Year 9Year 10
Healthy livingx
Managing pubertyx
Drugs and alcohol misusex
Relationships and consentx
Media sex and relationshipsx
Mental healthx
Healthy relationshipsx
Health review summaryx