Baines School

Governing Body

Since Baines School is a Non-denominational, Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School the Governing Body is responsible for all aspects of school life.

The Governing Bodies duty is to act as the ‘Critical Friend’ to the school encouraging everyone at the school to behave well and give of their best. The Governors employ all Members of Staff, and are tasked with looking after the way they conduct themselves in school and their wellbeing. This is carried out on behalf of the Governing Body by the Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Governors are also responsible for the financing of the school meeting regularly with the Senior Management Team via its Finance and General Purpose’s committee to review spending and authorise any capital expenditure need to keep the school at the forefront of education in Poulton. Money is provide to the school by the Local Education Authority which in our case is Lancashire County Council

Additionally the Curriculum Committee meet, again with the Senior Management Team to review past results and encourage strategies for improvement where subject results are not up to expectations. This is carried out by reviewing the many statistics available to the school.

Most importantly the Governors are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all the pupils in the school ensuring that their time at Baines School is enjoyable and productive. The Chairman of Governors is Mr Robert Fletcher; the Vice-Chairman is Mr Robert Hindle.

Should you wish to contact either of them please do so through the school website at:

putting “FAO the Governors” in the subject line.

Download list of Board of Governors & Attendance record for meetings
Download Governing Body Committee Structure
Foundation GovernorsTerm
Mr R Fletcher - Chair 1yr Spet 20204yrs - Sept 2022
Mrs L Hastings4yrs - Sept 2022
Revd. M Keighley4yrs - Sept 2022
Mr J Fail4yrs - Sept 2022
Mr P Cain4yrs - Oct 2016
Mrs J Veevers4yrs - Oct 2022
Mrs N Sopworth4yrs - Sept 2022
Mrs T Mallinson4yrs - June 2022
Mr R Hindle - Vice chair Sept 20204yrs - Nov 2022
Parent Governors 
Mr S O'Brien4yrs - Aug 2020
Mrs L O'Toole4yrs - Nov 2023
Miss C Wilkinson4yrs - Sept 2022
LEA Governors 
Mr S Bridge4 yrs - Sept 2022
Staff Governors 
Mrs A Chapmanex officio
Mr W Cropper4yrs - Apr 2022
Mrs J Imisson4yrs - Nov 2022