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Equality Objectives


Individuals may have prejudices which may lead to discrimination. The school aims to recognise this and raise awareness to avoid differential treatment. Equality of opportunity must be given to all, irrespective of race, gender, physical disability, intellectual ability, age, belief or religion, national origin, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, distinctive values, being pregnant or on maternity leave, working full time or part time.


The school will communicate its aims on equal opportunities across the school to disseminate information at all levels: teachers, site / support staff, governors, contractors, outside agencies, stakeholders, volunteers, parents, students.

Equal opportunities will permeate all aspects of school life:

  1. The management of the school
  2. The administration of the school
  3. Design of the curriculum
  4. Student experiences
  5. Culture of the student body
  6. Recruitment and selection

The whole school aims to avoid any discriminatory practice.


As a whole-school agreement, equal opportunities have to be addressed at all levels.

  1. Training will be given to staff where appropriate, to raise awareness of all equality issues.
  2. Employees, contractors, volunteers, stakeholders and governors should be made aware of associated and third party discrimination.
  3. In planning for, and working with students, staff will attempt to avoid any discriminatory practice.
  4. Through the pastoral and PHSE/ citizenship (life skills) curriculum, attempts should be made to ensure that students have an active awareness of the effects of discrimination and stereotypical assumptions and students should avoid discriminatory behaviour.
  5. The Equality Action plan which can be found within the Equality Policy covers our responsibilities and actions. This plan highlights measures used to promote equality within the curriculum.
  6. The Recruitment and Selection details how the school ensures equality of opportunity for all appointments.


Leadership, management and organisation of the school will reflect equal opportunities and a tolerant attitude in all aspects of school life.