A level


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Mrs Wright
Subject Leader

Mrs Kasmir

Name of course(s) offeredExam boardLink to specNature of assessment
Economics AQAhttp://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/economics/as-and-a-level/economics-7135-7136 Three exams sat at the end of Year 13.

Year 12

Term 1
Economic methodology and the economic problem
Individual economic decision making
Price determination in a competitive market
The measurement of macroeconomic performance
How the macro economy works: the circular flow of income, AD/AS analysis and related concepts

Term 2
Fiscal policy and supply-side policies
Production, costs and revenue

Term 3
Individuals, firms, markets and market failure
The market mechanism, market failure and government intervention in markets

Year 13

Term 1
The national and international economy
Financial markets and monetary policy
The distribution of income and wealth: poverty and inequality

Term 2
Perfect competition, imperfectly competitive markets and monopoly
The labour market
The international economy

How to support your child in Chemistry:

Students need to develop a general understanding of how the economy operates and should be regularly reading newspapers and following online news such as the BBC. Students will be issued with exam packs when they start the course with access to past papers which they will be using outside of lessons. Online support is available via the exam board website www.aqa.org.uk as well as independent websites such as www.tutor2u.net where there is access to blogs, study notes and online video clips.