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At Baines School we strive to maintain the highest levels of pupil punctuality and attendance as these are both inextricably linked to student progress and achievement. When embedded, punctuality and attendance are vital adult skills in the community and the world of work.

Ensuring strong attendance and punctuality must be a high priority for both school and parents/carers and these are emphasised in the School Prospectus, the Pupil Planner, the Home-School Agreement and in the pupil Code of Conduct. The efforts of pupils striving to achieve full attendance will be recognised and positively rewarded. There must also be clear identified procedures for responding to and addressing poor and erratic attendance, persistent lateness to school and poor punctuality in lessons.

Poor attendance is costly to the individual pupil in terms of learning time that is lost and to parents/carers because of the financial penalties imposed by the Government when pupils fail to attend.

In the spirit of partnership, therefore, it is vital that everyone works together to achieve the strongest outcomes in terms of punctuality and attendance.

Last updated November 2023