Sixth Form


Sixth Form Open Evening
Monday 21st November 2016 between 6pm-8pm

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Students from Baines School are NOT given preferential treatment in terms of places.

Baines School is a Non-Denominational, Voluntary Aided, Comprehensive school.

Sixth Form students should apply directly to Baines School.

Pupils entering the Sixth Form will need to show proven ability to undertake the courses for which they are applying.
Interviews for places will be held from October onwards and places offered once results are known.

Entry Criteria:

In order to gain the most from the academic education offered at Baines, students must gain a minimum of 5 ‘C’ grades.

This must include a grade ‘C’ or higher in English and MathsIn order to ease transition to A Level studies, it is generally recommended that a GCSE grade B or equivalent is attained in the subject the student is taking for AS level, and that they have taken the high level paper.  It is not  always a requirement of A Level that you should have studied the subject at GCSE level, except in subjects such as Languages, Science and Mathematics, where a B grade or above is essential. Please discuss this with a teacher before making the decision to study a new subject.

Admissions Process:

  1. Students complete Baines Sixth Application Form.
  2. All applicants will be invited for an IAG meeting where course choices will be discussed.
  3. A reference will be requested from the student’s 11-16 school seeking information on the student’s suitability for an A/S-A level course and estimated GCSE grades.
  4. On the basis of the interview and reference, an offer may be made.
  5. All Students accepting a place will be invited to attend a Taster DayFurther details will be sent with offer of a place.
  6. After gaining the entry requirements, our enrolment day will take place on GCSE results day between 9 am and 12 noon. It is vitally important that you attend enrolment if you wish to secure your place.


Where students have shown themselves to be of an obvious academic standard to cope with the demands of ‘A’ level, and show through interview that they are willing to be involved with the life of the school a conditional offer will be made in writing. The student’s reference from their school, which includes grades from either mock exams or progress grades, will be used to determine general academic ability. The student still needs to fulfill the entrance criteria with regard to final GCSE grades before being enrolled.

Students who do not attain the minimum qualifications to embark upon a full programme of A level study may be considered for a personalised package of post Y11 study to suit their individual needs.

Please click below to download an application form.

Download Sixth Form Application