Aims & Objectives

In line with the Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff, careers guidance and access for education and training providers, Baines School’s Careers Program ensures that all registered pupils at this school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 7.

The independent careers guidance provided;

  • is presented in an impartial manner, showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular institution, education or work option.
  • includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes.
  • is guidance that the person giving it considers will promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given.

Careers inspiration and guidance at Baines is a progressive journey from Year 7. The aims of the Careers Program at Baines are:

  • To develop positive attitudes in the pupils towards study and work.
  • To develop employability and enterprise skills, such as teamwork and communication.
  • To help students to plan and take control of their future making informed choices at key points in their education.
  • To provide students with the relevant careers inspiration and guidance that is suitable to their personal needs including age, ability, attitudes and aptitudes.
  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities post 16 and post 18 including traineeships, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, HE, FE, employment and training opportunities.
  • To help students to reflect on themselves – their abilities, skills, aptitudes and attitudes – so that they can use this knowledge to consider their development.
  • To provide students with impartial advice about options that is available to them.
  • To provide equal opportunity of access to careers inspiration and guidance.

These aims are achieved through the Careers curriculum which is outlined below. All strategies are in line with The Gatsby Benchmarks. Careers Compass is completed twice per year and action points inform improvements.

The Curriculum Leader along with the Enterprise Advisor Network, External Providers, Lancashire Education Partnership, and employers strive for continuous improvement and build on each benchmark further.

Our Annual Careers Plan outlines our tailored approach see here.

The school is committed to all 8 Benchmarks:

1. A stable careers program
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experience of workplaces
7. Encounters with further and higher education
8. Personal guidance

Details of our most recent evaluation and action plan can be found here.