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School Ethos & Values

At Baines School we want our students to:

  • Work hard to achieve their full potential in their academic studies and extra-curricular activities

  • Develop into well-rounded individuals, be able to keep themselves healthy and safe, look after the environment and have an appreciation for global citizenship

  • Be polite, friendly and courteous to others, respecting everyone as an individual

  • Enjoy their education and enrich their lives through participating in the many activities available outside of lesson times

  • Respect the past and learn from traditions and be proud of their school

As a school we believe in the value of partnership between the school, students, families, wider community and our place within the UK and globally.

Our students are central to everything that we do in order to help them lead successful lives.

Our families are vital and we want them to feel welcome, well informed and supported so that together we can ensure the students fulfil their potential.

Our community includes links with other schools, businesses and the voluntary sector. We hope to work together to widen the range of opportunities available to our students.

Our place within the UK and globally will help our students understand what it means to be a British citizen and to be excited about exploring local, regional, national and international opportunities.