Special Events

International Men’s Day 2020

We were the only school given the task by The Washington Group to raise awareness about International Men’s Day across the Fylde Coast on the 19th November. International Men’s day is a day to spread awareness about men’s mental health and the stigma that men have about being tough and not expressing their feelings, which leads to mental health issues and unfortunately suicide. To do this, we created a video to show men that they don’t have to bottle up their emotions and that it is okay for us to feel. We also created a social media campaign with quotes from famous male celebrities to prove to men that they are not alone.

On the 19th of November, we were invited to an online zoom meeting, which would have been a conference if COVID-19 did not exist, to hear from other people in our community such as Empowerment and the 3rd Medical Regiment. During this conference, we discussed how people deal and manage with mental health issues, help others and find support and learned valuable lessons about our own mental health and how to help others. Ultimately, we have been very lucky to receive this opportunity, to learn, share and express ourselves and are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

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