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Sixth Form Ski Trip

The PE department are offering Sixth Form students the opportunity to attend a ski trip to the resort of Zee am See, Austria, during the first week of April. Full details can be found in the attached documents. Letter to parents (images/skitrip/ski_parent_letter.pdf) Medical Form (images/skitrip/ski_parent_medical_form.pdf)

12NLe Charity Project

Initially, due to a majority vote from the form, we intended to base our charity project around the well-known shoe box appeal. We were to send boxes with small gifts and essentials to less privileged children abroad, after all, they were always needed. However, our original deadline gave us only a short time to spread… Read more »

12ACo Charity Project

Naturally, 12ACO’s charity project came together like a dream. Members of the form worked harmoniously together and, after many hours of toil, achieved the glorious triumph that was our final presentation…honest!

12DHa Charity Project

After having circle time during one life skills lesson we decided to approach our charity project in a different way. As a form we set out to raise awareness of the negative effects of stereotyping and prejudice and specifically focused on the views that the older generation have on youths of today; a prejudice that… Read more »


Nepal When Mr Raeburn advertised the ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Nepal and India, I knew this was an amazing opportunity not to be missed. After discovering that our letters of application to be part of “Team BASE” had been successful, we all embraced the motto of the trip – “Believe, Achieve, Succeed, Exceed”. We… Read more »

Sixth Form Sports Fixtures Updated

Sixth Form Sports fixtures have been updated. Head over to the ‘Sixth Sport’ (index.php?option=com_content task=blogcategory id=50 Itemid=133) page to have a look.