Travel & Tourism


BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate Travel and Tourism

BTEC Travel and Tourism is an exciting course that investigates the various elements of the Travel and Tourism Industry. It is the equivalent of at least two C grades at GCSE, with students having the opportunity to gain the equivalent of up to two A* grades at GCSE for high quality work.

The entire course is assessed via a portfolio of work that is produced during lessons by students who complete a range of assignments using a range of different skills. All the assignments are closely linked to the work of the industry which makes the course realistic and links to students’ previous experience of living close to Blackpool and being tourists themselves.

Core Units

The UK Travel and Tourism Sector – How is the industry structured? What do different organisations do? How are the organisations linked?

Understanding Customer Service in Travel and Tourism – Why is customer service important? What are the different approaches to customer service? What are the needs and expectations of customers?

Understanding the Nature and Effects of World Travel – Where are the major tourist destinations? How do climatic conditions affect travel and tourism? What is the effect of world time on travellers?

Additional Units

UK Tourism Destinations – Where are the major tourist destinations and travel gateways? How do destinations appeal to tourists? What sources of information are available for tourists?

European Holiday Destinations – Where are the major destinations in Europe and how can we get there? Why do different destinations appeal to different visitors?

Worldwide Holiday Destinations – Where are the most popular destinations and how can we get there? How can we choose different destinations for different customers? What factors affect travel to these destinations?


The Travel and Tourism Industry continues to develop and evolve, which allows us to develop the course to keep it current and an exciting area to study.