Resistant Materials


Britain has always produced some the world’s greatest designers. It may be Alec Issigonis and the Mini or Mike Ive and the iMac, the design and manufacture of quality products is essential to the countries economy. Think about the objects that you love. Your mobile phone with its delicious curves was designed on a computer screen. The car you yearn for started life as a reduced size clay model. A building that you admire sprang from the drawing board of an architect. 3D Design is an enormously satisfying career. You have an idea and – with the use of tools like clay or computers – it comes to life. The Resistant Materials course teaches who how to design and work with a range of different materials, so you can realise your ideas. The course also gives you the computer skills that are essential to work in the modern design environment.


The course is examined through a controlled assignment that is set for you, which count for 60%. The remaining 40 % is through a written examination, some of the questions are set to a design theme that is seen before the examination date.


Further work by students can be seen on Flickr @