music-3GCSE Courses

In GCSE Music, students study the AQA syllabus. This requires them to provide two performances – one solo and one as a part of a group 40%; a free composition 20%; a composition and analysis 20% and a written examination at the end of year 11. Students are encouraged to make use of the music technology available to help them with their compositions, but it is by no means compulsory and we enjoy a very varied and highly personalised course that is suitable for a wide breadth of prior learning. A-level Music and Music Technology are available for further progression.

Music Extra-Curricular Activities

The department organises a wide range of extra-curricular activities at both lunch time and after school, there are also a number of concerts open to parents each year. Pupils who wish to learn to play an instrument can also receive individual lessons during the school day. Pupils who study in the department have been successful in a number of competitions and public performances. Further examples of students work at the following websites

Music @ Flickr – Link to

Ukulele Orchestra on YouTube – Link to