Pupils study a course in Years 10 and 11 which follows the AQA Linear Specification. (A copy of this can be found on the website This covers the four main strands of data handling; number; algebra; and shape, space and measure. It also tests students’ functional skills to better prepare them for their future whichever route they take after Key Stage 4. Assessment is made at either a Higher (grades A* – D) or Foundation (grades C – G) level and pupils’ are currently assessed depending on when they started the course:

  • Current Year 10 and 11 take three written examinations over the two years at regular intervals. There is no coursework element to the specification.
  • Current Year 9 students who start their GCSE in September 2012 will be taking the linear specification. They will be assessed at the end of Year 11 only, with a written examination. There is no coursework element to the specification.

Pupils’ progress is closely monitored throughout their time at Baines School. Pupils benefit from a wealth of Mathematical experience delivered by seven specialist members of staff and will be challenged to achieve, or even exceed, set targets.