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GCSE Courses

The department offers GCSE courses in: Art & Design, Photography, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Catering. All these courses aim to stimulate the pupil’s creativity and lay the foundations for further study and a career in the creative industries, which is one of the growth areas in the economy.

Art at Baines School is taught in its own block, which is resourced with a range of equipment including a separate computer area. D&T is well resourced with CADCAM, which is used by pupils as part of the curriculum. The rooms are light and spacious, which gives an excellent working environment. Pupils are encouraged to work in a creative way, in both 2D and 3D. Pupils work is widely displayed around the school, as well as in the local community and are encouraged to carry on with their work after school. Pupils have the opportunity to join one the several trips to galleries and venues such as the Jaguar Land Rover plant at Hailwood. Pupils who study in the department have been successful in a number of competitions .Further examples of students work at the following websites

Creative Design – Link to

Product Design – Link to

Art and Design ­– Link to

Baines Photography – Link to

All the courses are assessed through both controlled assignment and examination. The controlled assignment work counts for 60% of the final grade and examination counts for 40%. In the case of Catering, Art and Photography these include a timed practical examination. Pupils have prior knowledge of the examination question and use time before the exam day in preparation for this assessment. In addition pupils studying Catering, Graphic Products or Resistant Materials also take a written examination.