Students taking Drama at GCSE can expect a course which is varied, stimulating and exciting as well as challenging. GCSE Drama enables students to explore issues and existing play texts, through explorative strategies and mediums within practical workshops. Students are encouraged to be creative and confident in their own ideas, as well as taking part in group work and to develop high quality performance skills. The course aims to use drama to improve imagination and self-confidence as well as team working and communication skills. Students have the opportunity to create their own group devised thematic performance, which is moderated by an external examiner from AQA.

During the course students will look at all aspects of performance including: directing, costume, props, sound and make-up. The syllabus tests a number of skills: besides acting ability students must demonstrate that they can research a role or topic, work well in a group, manage their time effectively, reflect upon and evaluate their own work and that of others during rehearsal and in live performances too.

GCSE Drama is focussed on practical work with 60% of the final mark coming from the two highest marked performances over the two year course. The written examination makes up 40% of the overall grade. For practical work, marks are awarded for preparation and performance. This has the advantage of supporting hard-working and enthusiastic students as well as strong performers.

Contrary to belief, Drama is not an easy GCSE, however it is rewarding and students can expect to gain much in terms of self-confidence and teamwork skills, which can support learning in other areas of the curriculum too.