BTEC Science

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Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Principles of Applied Science


BTECs are vocationally related qualifications, where learners develop knowledge

and understanding by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context.

Additionally, they engage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop skills that are essential for the modern-day workplace. These skills include: teamworking; working from a prescribed brief; working to deadlines; presenting  information effectively; and accurately completing administrative tasks and processes.


The 4 units are:

1 Principles of Science – this is an externally examined unit.

2 Chemistry and Our Earth – this is internally assessed by coursework assignments

3 Energy and Our Universe– this is internally assessed by coursework assignments

4 Biology and Our Environment– this is internally assessed by coursework assignments

In the Principles of Science unit you will explore cells, organs and genes; explore the roles of the nervous and endocrine systems in homeostasis and communication; explore atomic structure and the periodic table; explore substances and chemical reactions; explore the importance of energy stores, energy transfers and energy transformations; explore the properties and applications of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

In Units 2, 3 and 4 you will:

  • Investigate chemical reactivity and bonding
  • Investigate how the uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical and physical properties
  • Investigate the factors involved in the rate of chemical reactions
  • Understand the factors that are affecting the Earth and its environment
  • understand ionising radiation, its uses and sources
  • Know how electrical energy produced from different sources can be transferred through the National Grid to homes and industry
  • Know the components of the Solar System, the way the Universe is changing and the methods we use to explore space
  • Investigate the relationships that different organisms have with each other and with their environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of human activity on the environment and how these effects can be measured
  • Explore the factors that affect human health