Year 7 Founders Service at St Chads


Music thrives at Baines and plays a major role in the everyday life of the school. Our musical groups and soloists play at many of the assemblies and school ceremonies, which occur frequently throughout the year. As well as taking part in the academic side of music, students also have the option of learning one or more of a variety of instruments with our talented team of peripatetic tutors.

Academic Music at Baines

Music is based in the M Block where we have two teaching classrooms each with a full ICT suite of computers. Students compose, perform, listen to and evaluate music in a variety of ways, using software programs such as Sibelius, Logic Studio and GarageBand. There are Yamaha and Casio keyboards, Roland digital pianos, drum kits and many other instruments available for students to use. There is also a Steinway Grand Piano and a pipe organ in the main school hall.

The highly qualified Music department consists of Mr Hobbs, Mr Farmer and Mrs Hayler. Mr Hobbs studied Popular Music Studies at Leeds College of Music. Mr Farmer studied Popular Music at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. Mrs Hayler studied Music and Japanese at Newcastle University and completed an MA in music education at Durham University.

In Key Stage 3, students receive two 60-minute lessons of music every fortnight. Years 8 and 9 have one top-set in each of the two bands (X and Y), with the rest of the students placed in mixed ability classes. GCSE classes follow the new Edexcel specification, as do A Level students studying Music and Music Technology. We have a successful pass rate every year with students often continuing with music beyond Baines.

Extra-curricular Music at Baines

Students and staff alike are involved in the various extra-curricular activities on offer at our school. Ensembles include a School Choir, Orchestra, Guitar Club, Ukulele Orchestra, Samba Band and Jazz Band. All of our extra-curricular groups meet after school or at lunchtime for rehearsals.

Musicians are invited to take part in our long-running annual Young Musician of the Year Competition. Students also perform at many events in school and around the local community throughout the year. We hold two school concerts each year which give students a fantastic opportunity to showcase their musical talents and these are always very well-attended.

Further work by students can be seen on Flickr @