Modern Languages

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The importance of studying a foreign language in the current climate cannot be under-estimated.  At Baines we strive to ensure that our pupils follow courses that best prepare them to understand and use a foreign language in practical terms to give them the skills to pursue languages later in their lives, be it academically, vocationally or socially.

We believe that all our pupils have the ability to communicate with people who speak a different language and we work hard to ensure that our pupils progress according to their individual needs in their new language.

All our pupils currently study French in Year 7 in ability sets. All pupils are taught by French speakers.  As they move into Year 8, pupils pick up German or Spanish as a second foreign language.

In Key Stage 4, pupils may choose to study French, German or Spanish or a combination of these.  Each year a large number of pupils choose to study French, German and Spanish at GCSE, AS and A level with many students continuing to study a foreign language at university.

We believe that contact with France, Germany and Spain is important to our pupils and we hope that they will participate in activities that enable contact with the target countries including pupil exchanges and work experience abroad.

At Baines we strive to ensure that all of our pupils achieve their individual potential.  In return, we expect that our pupils try their utmost and that parents/carers support both their son/daughter and the school in this aim.