This course reflects the recent requirements of what employers want in the workplace with a real push towards the Computational Technology.


Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 have two Computing lessons per fortnight for the whole year.  At year 7 the course is designed to build on primary school work. During years 8 & 9 pupils develop from the previous years’ work.  Throughout the course pupils are taught how to use Computing in order to assist them in a range of tasks from presenting information to programming and scripting to help solve problems.


Computing lessons

  • Two lessons per fortnight in Years 7 – 9.
  • Regular electronic or manual homework is set
  • Dedicated homework website.
  • Clear targets are set so pupils know what they are expected to be doing, and how they are going to be assessed.
  • Clear feedback and analysis of work is set which can be emailed to parents.
  • Pupils work is assessed by the teacher, but we also encourage pupils to evaluate their own work.
  • Pupils build up an e-portfolio of their work over a three year period which is used to determine their national curriculum level.
  • The e-portfolio is programmed as part of their lessons.
  • Sharing good practice and good ideas are encouraged.
  • ICT resources are made available to pupils before and after school, at lunchtimes and at break times.

  • Over 200 computers, in 5 dedicated computer rooms, which can all be accessed by pupils.
  • All computers are networked to allow easy access to pupils work.
  • Colour and black/white printing facilities are available.
  • All computers have Microsoft Office 2010 and supporting software installed.
  • A wide range of educational software is available on the network.
  • Standard programming languages like LOGO, HTML, Scratch and Python are taught.
  • Filtered internet access is available on all the school computers.
  • Every pupil has a private school email address.
  • Digital cameras and scanners are available.
  • Digital projectors are used throughout the school.




Security and peace of mind

Every pupil is given their own storage area on the network as well as access to a shared area.  Parents are asked to sign an Acceptable Usage Policy for their child.  This policy will outline what is acceptable and what is not.  This includes details on the safe use of the Internet and email facilities.  Pupils will have to accept the policy when they log onto the network.  In this way we can all help protect your child whilst they use this extremely powerful resource.