Creative Design



Being Creative @ Baines

Creative Design involves work in Art, Design & Technology.  Studying these areas helps ensure that all pupils experience a balanced and broad based curriculum.  The department aims to stimulate and encourage pupils to work using their creativity and imagination.  This is an important part of a pupil’s education.  The ability to think both creatively and originally are vital in a modern society, where we need to consider our contribution as a good citizen.

Why a Creative Education?

  • We now live in an ever changing world and our lives are shaped by the visual culture and technology we experience every day. The way new products work, how they look and the influence of past cultures forms a vital part of a child’s education.
  • Our future success lies in the creative and original use of new technologies. New careers are in a knowledge based economy and new creative industries.
  • A creative education gives the opportunity for pupils to explore their imagination and express themselves, using both traditional and the latest digital techniques.
  • It provides them with an insight to the world and contributes to a wider understanding of different cultures, which helps to build a balanced personality.
  • What will pupils experience?Current Examination options:   GCSE Art and Design; Design and Technology; Photography and Food & Nutrition. ‘A’ Level Art, Product Design and Photography.
  • During Year 7 pupils will be given the opportunity to experience a range of activities in different areas. Working in both 2D and 3D, they become confident in a range of tools, equipment and materials. They are encouraged to think and work independently, through a series of projects set by different members of staff. As pupils move onto Year 8 they are exposed to real life projects and gain an understanding of how different areas within the subject work together to create original and creative outcomes. During Year 9 pupils continue to develop their skills and are encouraged to become more confident in their work, developing their own style and interests. Pupils are taught how ICT can be used in the subject areas and how modern CADCAM is used in industry. Starting in Year 10 there are a number of options pupils may study for both GCSE and later an ‘A’ level. Pupils may then progress onto Further or Higher Education, where there are an ever expanding range of subjects, which reflect current employment opportunities within the creative industries.
  • Current Examination options:   GCSE Art and Design; Design and Technology; Photography and Food & Nutrition.  ‘A’ Level Art, Product Design and Photography.