KS3 Art Curriculum

Art at Baines School is taught in its own block, which is resourced with a range of equipment including a separate computer area. In Year 7 pupils learn skills in observational drawing, using a range of techniques to apply colour, shade and tone. Pupils complete a number of projects which are assessed when completed. It is levelled against NC levels. Examples of completed work are displayed in the rooms, so pupils can see the expected standard at each level.

During Year 8 the pupils continue to develop their skills through the theme of portrait and cubism. Part of this year’s course links with the Environmental theme in the D&T curriculum. The pupils continue to gain an understanding about future careers and job opportunities that exist within the creative industries

In year 9 the scheme of work lays the foundation for study at GCSE, using a wider range of media and working in 3D. Pupils skills are developed using different media through the theme of natural shapes, forms and textures.