Careers Education is an important part of the curriculum at school. Access to information and guidance about the different options post 16 such as A levels, Apprenticeships and vocational courses and post 18 including university, training programmes and apprenticeship programmes is an important part of ensuring that students are able to make the most of opportunities that are available and make the right decision.

Careers education is delivered through the life skills programme and organised events. All students in years 8-13 are introduced to resources such as the national careers service to enable them to make informed decisions about their futures.

This year students in year 8 are taking part in a competition investigating different careers in the NHS called ‘Step into the NHS’ with a chance to win a netbook computer and Amazon vouchers. We work closely with local colleges and regularly invite them and organisations such as the Army into school to speak to students.

The school hosts its own Careers Convention each year (the next one is Autumn 2015) where students can speak to representatives from a range of colleges and institutions.