Are you…

  • Passionate about sport?
  • Driven to find out how you can improve performance?
  • Interested in how our bodies push themselves to their physical peak?
  • Keen to understand what gives Olympic champions the psychological edge over their competitors?
  • Intrigued by why nearly one billion people would watch a single sporting event?

If the answer is yes, then Physical Education is the subject for you. The course is extremely diverse, it allows you to explore and enhance your own sporting ability, but also bridges the academic divide between the arts and sciences.

OCR Physical Education

Year 12

Anatomy & Physiology

Skill Acquisition


2 hour exam worth 60%

Practical Performance of 2 activities worth 30%

Oral test on Evaluation and Improvement of Performance worth 10%

Year 13

Exercise Physiology

Sports Psychology

History of Sport

2 1/2 hour exam worth 70%

Practical Performance of 1 activity worth 20%

Oral test on Evaluation & Appreciation worth 10%