The A Level Music course explores all three main musical disciplines of performing, composing and listening. It is an exciting, rewarding and stimulating course that helps create well-rounded musicians.

This course is suitable for students who…

  • love playing an instrument and performing
  • like exploring and creating new music
  • enjoy listening to music from a range of styles
  • have an interest in exploring Music through ICT

Students are able to develop their performance skills, compose music and learn about harmony. They will build up their aural and analytical skills by studying set pieces of music from a variety of periods.

A Level Music is excellent preparation for higher education courses in music, but the skills learnt can be equally valuable for those that want to pursue alternative paths.

Year 12

Unit 1: Performing Music (15%)

Unit 2: Composing (15%)

Unit 3: Developing Musical Understanding (20%)


Year 13

Unit 4: Extended Performance (15%)

Unit 5: Composition and Technical Study (15%)

Unit 6: Further Musical Understanding (20%)