Music Technology


The Music Technology course involves much practical work and encourages the cultivation of a wide range of skills:

  • Sequencing MIDI
  • Sequencing audio
  • Recording live instruments
  • Producing CDs
  • Composing using music technology.

Music technology plays a key role in music across the world. This qualification is designed to open up a range of exciting and useful tasks and to encourage students to learn about the subject.

Students, including those who do not play a traditional instrument, are encouraged to explore their musicality and create original materials using technology.

What do our student’s say?

“The small class sizes make for an open and cosy atmosphere where you are given a free range to be creative with the choices that the coursework allows.

I have learned a lot of new skills. It is an interesting subject and has helped me positively develop my music even more than I had expected.”

Charlotte Coldwell, Year 13

Year 12

Unit 1 –

Coursework Portfolio (35%):

  • A sequenced arrangement of a piece of popular music in a different style;
  • Multi-track recording of a piece of popular music.
  • A sequenced recreation of an electronic music track.

Unit 2 –

Listening and Analysing exam(15%)

Year 13

Unit 3 – Coursework Portfolio (30%)

  • A composition based on a brief set by the exam board.
  • A sequenced recreation of a popular music track.
  • Multi-track recording.

Unit 4 – Analysing and Producing (20%)

Further work by students can be seen on Flickr @