Media Studies


A Level Media Studies is designed to enhance your enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the media and its role in your daily life.

Through this challenging and rewarding course, you’ll learn about different media forms and concepts, along with the role marketing and promotion plays. The Year 12 Practical Unit guides you through the media production process, from researching professional media products, to producing your own print, broadcasting and/or e-media piece.

Media Studies can lead to careers in journalism, marketing, advertising or public relations. Additionally, an awareness of how the media world works can support careers in social work, law, medicine and education.

You will learn the skills of how to analyse media products, produce media products, how to research and how to evaluate your products and those of others.

Although this course provides a natural progression for those students who have taken GCSE Media Studies, we happily welcome those for whom this is a new subject.

Year 12

This year will be focused on developing your understanding of the four key concepts:

  • Form
  • Representation
  • Institution
  • Audience

Unit 1: Investigating Media

2 hour written exam

Worth 50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Unit 2: Creating Media

Practical Unit

Worth 50% of AS, 25% of A Level

2 linked production pieces

  • Forms
  • Representations
  • Institutions
  • Audiences

Year 13

Unit 3: Media—Critical Perspectives

2 hour written exam

25% of A Level

3 compulsory questions

1 essay from a choice of 2 topics

Unit 4: Media—Research and Production

Practical Unit

25% of A Level

Critical Investigation

Linked production piece

  • Representation
  • News Values
  • Ownership and control
  • Regulation and ensorship
  • Moral panics
  • Semiotics
  • Structuralism
  • Postmodernism
  • Gender and Ethnicity
  • Marxism
  • Post-colonialism