History at A Level is an interesting and rewarding subject to study that will equip all those studying it with an invaluable set of skills vital to understanding the past, present and future. History is an academic and well respected qualification whose importance cannot be underestimated in the development of yourself as a person and future employability.

A level History at Baines is taught in an interesting and dynamic way. Just read some of the comments below from our current students.

AQA History

Year 12

Unit 1: Absolutist States: The Reign of Louis XIV, 1661–1715

(1 hour 15 min exam)

Unit 2: Britain, 1629–1642: the Failure of Absolutism?

(1 hour 30 min exam)

Year 13

Unit 3: British Monarchy: the Crisis of State, 1642– 1689

(1 hour 30 min exam)

Unit 4: Personal Study. A chance to explore a historical issue assessed through an extended piece of writing.

What have previous students said about History?

“I decided to take A-level history because I’ve always loved history, especially at GSCE level, so I wanted to continue studying it at college. It’s also good too because universities think that it’s a great subject to have taken. History provides you with skills that will be useful in whatever career you choose in the future. You develop good analytical skills, you learn how to use sources effectively and your overall writing style and skills will improve. Although I won’t be studying History at university, the skills it has provided will help me greatly in my journalism course.

At AS Level, on the British side of the course, you’ll learn about Charles I and how he ruled England in his reign; how he dealt with government, tried to enforce his religious polices and how he led the country into two civil wars. Then A2 you will go on to learn about Cromwell, The Restoration, Charles II and James II. I have enjoyed every aspect of this course; it has been my favourite subject at A-level.”