Ashes Hollow

Year 12 Fieldtrip to Shropshire

AQA Geography

Year 12

Unit 1—Physical & Human Geography (2hour exam)


– Rivers & Flooding

– The Coastal Zone

– Population Change

– Energy Issues

Unit 2—Geographical Skills (1 hour exam)

Year 13

Unit 3—Contemporary Geographical Issues (2 hrs 30)


– Weather & Climate and associated hazards

– Tectonics and associated hazards

-World Cities

Unit 4b—Geographical Issues analysis (1hr 30)

This is based on a pre release information booklet issued by the exam board 3 months before the exam.

What have previous students said aout Geography?

Johanna Rutherford (Ex Head Girl, Year 13)

‘Now, as an A level student looking back, I can say taking Geography at GCSE & A Level was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The skills I have gained have been extremely useful not only for Geography but also in my other subjects because the skills learned are very transferable. I have learnt in detail many aspects of both human and physical geography including tectonics, rivers and their management and changing populations. I am now going on to study Geography at university, specifically Physical Geography. I am passionate about Geography and I am looking forward to continuing my studies. Both the subject and the teaching have been incredible and I would encourage anyone to take Geography.’