English Language


The Course

It’s always difficult making important decisions (e.g. subject choices at AS level) as there are so many factors to take into consideration. But students who have opted for English Language recently would endorse our claim that it’s interesting and works well with a variety of other subject choices.

My overall writing style and understanding have improved dramatically.”   Jake 

“ … skills have helped me with other subjects such as History.”         Emily 

“ … works well with my other subjects (Biology and Maths).”          Hannah

 I can’t help but apply the skills and knowledge to everyday life.”   Daisy  

“You won’t be able to look at our language the same way again!”     Alexandra

 “ … challenging and   worthwhile.”     Sean

Skills for Life

Whatever you plan to do after 6th Form or University, this subject gives you an insight into how to present yourself more effectively and recognise when others are manipulating you with their language use.

AQA English Language Specification B (for year 13 2015 – 2016 only)

Unit 3

Developing Language

2 hour 30 minutes written examination


– Child Language Acquisition

– Language Change

Unit 4

Investigating Language

Coursework – investigation and linked informative media piece

AQA English Language AS Level (for year 12 2015 – 2016 only)

(Assessed by examination only)

Paper 1 – Language and the Individual

1 hour 30 minutes written examination

Explores textual variation and representation

3 questions – no options.  Analysis of two individual text s then a comparison of the two.


Paper 2 – Language Variety

1 hour 30 minutes written examination

2 questions.  A choice of one discursive essay from two options on language diversity e.g. gender, dialect etc..


one directed writing task on attitudes to language.