Product Design

product design a level

Britain has always produced some the world’s greatest designers. It may be Alec Issigonis and the Mini or Mike Ive and the iMac, the design and manufacture of quality products is essential to the countries economy.

Why a Creative Education?

We now live in an ever changing world and our lives are shaped by the visual culture and technology we experience every day. The way new products work and how they look form a vital part of our lives. An understanding of this is vital Our future success lies in the creative and original use of new technologies. New careers are in the knowledge based economy and new creative industries. A creative education gives the opportunity for students to explore their imagination and express themselves, using both traditional and the latest digital techniques.

AQA Product Design

Unit 1 – PROD1 Materials, Components and Application

50% of AS – 2 hour written paper

Based primarily on Materials and Components and consisting of three sections.

Unit 2 – PROD2 Learning Through Designing and Making

50% of AS, 25% of A Level – Coursework

You will be set a number of short design make projects

Unit 3 – PROD3 Design and Manufacture

25% of A Level – 2 hour written paper

Based primarily on Design and Manufacture and consisting of two sections

Candidates answer three questions: one question from three in each section, plus a final question from either section.

Unit 4 – PROD4 Design and Making Practice

25% of A Level – Coursework

Candidates submit evidence of a substantial designing and making activity, which is of their own choice.