Business Studies


Why study Business?

Fancy yourself at the head of a successful business? Got some great ideas for new products or services? Or maybe you want to work for a large company by working in marketing or management.  No matter what your vision, the Business Studies A Level course gives you an incredibly powerful start to launch you onto becoming a business person.

Course outline

AS year

Topics include;

*What is business?

*Managers, leadership and decision making

*Decision making to improve marketing performance

*Decision making to improve operational performance

*Decision making to improve financial performance

*Decision making to improve human resource performance


Assessment is by two written exams and will result in an AS Qualification, these exams do not count towards the A Level qualification.

A2 Year

*Analysing the strategic position of a business

*Choosing strategic direction

*Strategic methods

*Managing strategic change

 Assessment is by three written exams and will cover all topics covered over the two year course.

Current A2 students 

Our current Year 13 students are working towards the previous specification and will sit two exams this year.

BUSS3— Strategies for success

Topics include;

*financial accounting

*Workforce planning

*Lean Production

BUSS4 —The Business environment and managing change

Topics include;

*The external business environment

*Managing change

During the current A2 course Students are given a research theme to analyse, this is set by the exam board and gives the students the opportunity to put into practice everything that they have learnt. Recent themes include corporate social responsibility, Takeover and Mergers and Manufacturing in the UK