Biology is one of the most popular A Level subjects in the country, attracting students studying a wide range of other subjects. Many of these students enjoy the subject so much they eventually choose a biologically related degree course. Others go on to careers in law, computing, accounting or teaching. So, whatever field you will eventually work in, you will find biology a very rewarding and challenging course.

Biology is a highly rated scientific qualification and allows access to a wide range of degrees and higher qualification.

We hope that students will enjoy the study of Biology and leave after two years with the best result possible.

Year 12 Biology involves the study of 4 topic areas,

  • Biological molecules- eg DNA carbohydrates, proteins and lipids
  • Cells- the detailed structure of different types of cells
  • Exchange- how organisms exchange substances with their surroundings
  • Genetic information- the function of DNA and genetic diversity.

Practical work is an integral part of the course and understanding of this will be examined as part of the two 90 minute written examinations at the end of the year.

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