Parents & Carers

Pastoral Structure

At Baines School we pride ourselves on the fact that each student is known and knows that they are known.

A student’s happiness and well-being are recognised as the foundation for their success. Effective pastoral care underpins school life and there is always someone to whom the students can turn for help and advice. Every adult has a responsibility for students’ welfare and security and there are many layers of care in place.

‘Pupils are safe and well cared for because staff are very committed to their welfare. Staff know pupils well and offer support for their emotional well-being.’ Ofsted June 2017

‘Pupils are taught to keep themselves safe and understand the risks they might face out of school.’ Ofsted June 2017

‘Pupils said that they are happy at school and the large majority of parents who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire agreed.’ Ofsted June 2017

House System

Our pastoral care system has a vertical structure based year groups. Students are individually valued and well-supported.

Students see their form tutors every day in the morning for fifteen minutes. Tutors have immediate access to information about students’ achievements and any incidents during the day through the school computer system.

Heads of House have overall responsibility for the efficiency and effectiveness of their form tutor teams, an overview of student progress and the general welfare and behaviour of students within their forms. They should be the point of contact for parents who have more serious concerns about a student’s overall conduct, effort or academic progress.

‘Pupils said that adults in school are always approachable and there to support them academically, socially and emotionally. There are strong, supportive relationships between staff and pupils. Some parents informed inspectors in detail about how staff have provided valuable support for their children.’ Ofsted June 2017

Our pastoral care system aims to promote responsible behaviour and respect for ourselves and each other. We are committed to a positive approach and, whenever possible, praise and rewards are used to motivate and encourage the students. There is a clear code of conduct which students are expected to follow at all times and this is underpinned by appropriate sanctions, as set out in the school’s discipline policy.

‘Pupils described the school as one where diversity is fully accepted and bullying is very rare. Pupils are confident that if bullying did occur it would be swiftly and effectively dealt with. Pupils show respect for their peers and adults in the school during social times and in lessons.’ Ofsted June 2017

Our vertical pastoral structure is represented by our house system, a powerful and effective way for students to feel part of the school. Each student is a member of one of four houses: Founders, Stafford, Tomlinson and Whittington ; depending on which tutor group they are in. This system helps them to develop relationships across all age groups throughout the school. The house system supports the extra-curricular programme and creates many opportunities for students to participate in school life as they take part in house competitions and events.

‘The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils understand the importance of education and are ambitious to achieve well. They value the rewards they can earn through good work, attendance and behaviour.’ Ofsted June 2017

Contact for your Progress Leaders

Dr A Metcalfe
Head of Founders House & Year 8

Mr M Hartley
Head of Tomlinson House & Year 10

Mrs S Cuthbertson
Head of Whittington House & Year 7

Mr I Patel
Head of Stafford House & Year 9

Mr R Flynn
Head of Year 11

Ms H Harkins
Pastoral Manager

School Nurse and Counselling

The school nurse is available at specific times during the week to provide advice and guidance, as well as contributing to our Life Skills programme. A school counsellor is also available by appointment. Parents should contact Ms H Harkins in the first instance.