Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

Names of staff, role & contact details

Mrs S Wild
Subject Leader for REP

Mrs S Cuthbertson
Teacher of REP

Mrs E Dawber
Teacher of REP

Mrs D Wood
Teacher of REP

Year 7

Where Do We Belong?(Communities)

Term 1
Belonging: An Introduction to Religion

Term 2
Belonging in the Christian and Islam Traditions

Term 3
Belonging in the Hindu and Sikh Traditions

Year 8

Where Can We Find Guidance? (Sacred Books & Literature)

Term 1
Sacred books: An Introduction
The Bible

Term 2
The Quran
Types of Literature

Term 3
Jewish & Hindu Sacred Writings

Year 9

What Matters Most? (Does God Exist?)

Term 1
Ultimate Questions: Arguments for and against belief in God

Term 2
Ultimate Questions: Life After Death & How God.

Term 3
GCSE Islam Component

How and when is my child assessed?

The Religious Education department assess pupils in Key Stage 3 every half-term following our own assessment model, derived from the Lancashire Assessment model. Over the course of an academic year, we assess knowledge, understanding and the ability to evaluate the impact of belief through a range of tasks culminating in an end-of-year examination.