Product Design

Names of staff, role & contact details

Mr G Williams
Teacher of Creative Design

Mr W Cropper
Teacher of Creative Design/Exams Officer

Year 7

Term 1
Graphic Products – Study of Typography and promotional packaging. Students use both tradition drawing methods and CAD software to realise their designs.

Term 2
Product Design – Students design and make a variety of products from resistant and compliant materials.

Term 3
Systems and Control – Students will design and produce simple circuits to investigate the function and purpose of electrical components, and how they can be combined to make a functioning system.

Year 8

Term 1
Structures and forces-students will investigate structures, triangulation and forces through a variety of mediums and use models and testing to report findings.

Term 2
Students will design and build a passive amplifier according to a pre defined specification, students will model as part of their research and manufacture using modern and traditional methods.

Term 3
Students will investigate and test renewable technology and electronics.

Year 9

Term 1
Product Design – Students produce products based on specific end user requirements. Research is carried out into exist products and the current market place, before their own response is designed and realised.

Term 2
Graphic Products – Traditional drawing skills along with CAD packages are used to generate complex drawings and assembly diagrams. Students will also have to opportunity to realise their designs using the 3D printer.

Term 3
Systems & Control – Students will use computer modelling software to investigate the effects of changes to inputs, outputs and processes on a system. Students will also look at real world examples and explore the moral and ethical challenges that technology can bring.

How and when is my child assessed?

Pupils will be assessed during and at the end of each practical project. In addition to this they will be set a series of homework tasks, which are linked to each project. These will be individually assessed.

How to support your child in Product Design:

Throughout KS3 we explore new and emerging Technologies. We encourage pupils to discuss and question issues that are raised by technology in society and look at how various advances impact on our day to day lives. We ask that parents should encourage their children to watch or read the news, and look for examples of how Design and Technology is shaping our future.