Names of staff, role & contact details

Mr J McCombe
Subject Leader for Maths

Mr C Sharpe
Senior Assistant Subject Leader for Maths

Mr D Harte
Assistant Subject Leader for Maths

Mrs N McCombe
Teacher of Maths

Mr A Metcalfe
Teacher of Maths

Miss E Pass
Teacher of Maths

Mr K Smith
Teacher of Maths

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Year 7

Term 1
Place value, Negative numbers, Algebraic expressions, Formulae, Averages, Prime factors, HCF & LCM, Perimeter, Area, Proportion, Ratio, Graphs, Probability.

Term 2
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, 2D shapes, Angles, Real life graphs, Displaying data, Timetables, Surface area, Volume, Solving   equations, Percentage increase/decrease.

Term 3
Transformations, Tessellations, Decimal manipulation, Constructions, Data handling.

Year 8

Term 1
Negative numbers, Rounding, Algebraic Formulae, Averages, Frequency tables, Prime factors, HCF & LCM, Standard form, Perimeter, Area, Proportion, Ratio, Sequences, Probability, Relative frequency.

Term 2
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, 2D shapes, Parallel lines, Bearings, Real life graphs, Displaying data, Compound measures, Surface area, Volume, Forming equations, Percentage, Interest.

Term 3
Transformations, Tessellations, Decimal manipulation, Inequalities, Locus, Constructions, Data handling, Algebra.

Year 9

Term 1
Negative numbers, Rounding, Bounds, Algebraic expressions, Quadratics, Indices, Formulae, Averages, Frequency tables, Cumulative frequency, Prime factors, HCF & LCM, Standard form, Perimeter, Area, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Proportion, Ratio, Quadratic sequences, Probability, Relative frequency, Tree diagrams.

Term 2
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Reverse percentages, 2D shapes, Parallel lines, Bearings, Congruence, Similarity, Real life graphs, y=mx+c, Venn diagrams, Compound measures, Surface area, Volume, Prisms, Forming equations, Simultaneous equations, Percentage, Interest, Trigonometry.

Term 3
Transformations, Tessellations, Common graphs, Inequalities, Locus, Constructions, Algebraic fractions.

How and when is my child assessed?

The Maths department assess pupils throughout Key Stage 3 and has summative assessments at the end of each term, revision lists are provided and students should be in the habit of regularly reviewing all their previous work. Assessments are graded using the GCSE 1-9 system; a current grade will be given along with a projection for GCSE. Pupils use skills books and assessment books.