Names of staff, role & contact details

Mr T Paterson
Subject Leader for History

Mr K Egan
Teacher of History & Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs S Petricco
Teacher of History & Geography

Image module

Year 7

Term 1
Historical skills and Britain before 1066.
The Norman invasion and conquest.
The Medieval church.

Term 2
The Crusades.
Medieval kingship. King John and the Magna Carta.
Medieval life – villages and towns.
The Black Death.

Term 3
The Peasants’ Revolt.
The Tudors.
Local history study – The history of Blackpool.

Year 8

Term 1
The Gunpowder Plot, 1605.
The English Civil War.
The Interregnum and Oliver Cromwell.
The Plague and Fire of London.
Witches and witchcraft.

Term 2
The Native Americans.
Crime and Punishment.
The Industrial Revolution.

Term 3
The British Empire.
The slave trade.
The Civil Rights Movement, USA.

Year 9

Term 1
The Titanic disaster of 1912.
The First World War.

Term 2
The Russian Revolution.
Nazi Germany.

Term 3
The Holocaust.
Assassination of President Kennedy, 1963.

How and when is my child assessed?

The History department assess pupils in Key Stage 3 every half-term following the Lancashire Assessment model. Over the course of an academic year we assess historical skills and knowledge through a range of tasks culminating in an end-of-year examination.