Food & Nutrition

Names of staff, role & contact details

Mr D Grundy
Teacher of Food & Nutrition

Year 7

Term 1
Hygiene and safety use of equipment, basic introduction to food skills

Term 2 & 3
Practical tasks incorporating Knife skills, using the ovens, hobs and grills

Year 8

Building on skills used in year 7 to work independently making more advanced dishes incorporating use of more complex recipes and equipment

Year 9

Term 1
Multicultural food – preparing and cooking a selection of dishes from around the world

How and when is my child assessed?

Pupils will be assessed at the end of the different practical tasks looking at skills learnt and used and knowledge acquired. Students also evaluate and set themselves targets in order to make progress for their next practical task.

How to support your child in Food:

All homework tasks are put onto the Learning Gateway with the date the homework is due. Students are given 2 weeks. Students are also given a paper copy of any ingredients they require. Please support your child by providing a box with their name on it in order that they can carry the food items they have made in school home.