Parents & Carers

Headteacher’s Message

Baines School has a long and proud history, having been established in 1717 bestowed through the will of our Founder James Baines, to provide care and learning principally to the young people in Poulton-le-Fylde.

We are one of three schools founded by James Baines and are proud of our principles valuing academic excellence, hard work, personal development and providing the environment for young people to thrive.

As a voluntary-aided (non-denominational), non-selective co-educational school, we want Baines to provide an education and experience that young people are excited about, respecting the values and actively contributing to the school community. These principles and our motto ‘Nil Sine Labore’ (Nothing Without Effort) are still at the core of what we do today in ensuring our students are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential academically, secure in their personal development and happy well-rounded young people who have the confidence to participate in the many enrichment activities available at the school.

In 2017 we are celebrating the 300th anniversary of our school and there have been a number of special events already to celebrate such as Baines Day, receiving a commemorative coin and developing the Rose Garden. We will continue the celebrations during 2017/18 and look forward to inviting you to further events. We treasure our long heritage and are really interested in what school was like and what former pupils went on to achieve after leaving Baines.

We value every student as an individual and provide varied opportunities for personal growth. Whether academic, sporting, creative or initially less confident, we are keen to support every student in finding something that interests and inspires them. As well as a varied and exciting curriculum during lesson times, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities from residential visits such as the ski and Nepal trips to opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. We run a range of clubs that allow students to grow and develop including sporting, musical, creative, science-based and many more.

We believe that education is a strong partnership between the student, school and home. We hope in working together, we can ensure that every student achieves their very best while also enjoying a happy time at Baines School.

We hope you will consider Baines School for your children and look forward to welcoming you for a visit.

Alison Chapman